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Brass Tubes

We are engaged in the manufacturing of Brass Tubes. Our Brass Tubes are manufactured using high grade Brass and our sophisticated manufacturing unit enables smooth and flawless production of the Brass Tubes. These Brass Tubes are checked under stringent quality tests conducted under strict company parameters. The Brass Tubes are provided in a range consisting of Admiralty Brass Tubes and Arsenical Brass Tubes. The Brass Tubes are provided in market leading prices to assure that they suit the pockets of all our clients.

Sizes Available :
  • 6 mm to 65 mm with wall thickness 0.7 mm

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Admiralty Brass Tubes Exporter
A copper & zinc alloy in the ratio of 70/30 having 1-1.5% of tin for corrosion resistance and some % of arsenic, is used to manufacture superior Admiralty Brass Tubes. This amalgamation is done to help against dezincification. Our admiralty brass tube is used for various industries such as oil refinery, ship building and ship repair, power

Arsenical Brass Tubes Supplier
70/30 Arsenical Brass Tubes
Our Arsenical Brass Tubes are made from a copper & zinc alloy in the ratio of 70/30 containing small amount of arsenic to help against dezincification. The alloy is good combination for strength and ductility of arsenical brass tube. It is commonly selected whenever excellent cold working properties